Saturday, October 15, 2011

Analyzing Student Data in a Spreadsheet

I haven't spent a lot of time working with Excel or other spreadsheets. I think I studied them briefly in a 9th grade computer class. The operative word in that sentence is think, and reveals just how much I remember about how to use spreadsheets. The good news is, when I started this project for Ed Tech class working with Google spreadsheets, I learned just how easy they are to use. The program is great for collecting, organizing, calculating and displaying data (as any spreadsheet aficianado could tell you.) Once you enter the data in columns, you can set up equations to calculate everything from total to averages to a lot of fancy math terms I didn't recognize. In the end, you can display your data in a variety of easy to read graphs.

Check out my chart and graph here, displaying the below average test scores of students in an imaginary class.

Or you can just look at my product embedded below.

As you can see from the data, even though these students scored below average on their tests, they still showed an overall improvement from test 6 to test 10. Their average test scores are displayed as an olive green bar on the graph, and show continued improvement. A few students still fall way below the average, including Walter Scott, Queen Isabella, Renee Zellweger and Katherine Hepburn. I would need to have some sort of intervention for these lowest students, although even their test scores are improving over time. For the majority of the students, I am glad to see that they are improving and, barring the possibility that the tests are getting easier or they're figuring out better ways to cheat, whatever the teacher is doing is working because almost everyone has been getting better over time.

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  1. Anna. SPECTACULAR. Pretty amazing how far one can come in such a short span of time. I especially like your use of a combined Bar/Line chart. Very effective. PLEASE SHARE THIS in class.