Sunday, October 9, 2011

Google Docs Group Project

We've been exploring the Google Docs suite in class, and I was part of a group that looked into Picasa and Web Albums. Check out our group's great info here.

I've been using Picasa in my personal life for a while. It's a wonderful free photo organizer and editor. I take a lot of atrocious pictures because, no matter how many times I read articles about photography, I can never keep aperture and film speed and shutter speed and all those other details straight. I thought that buying an expensive camera would help, but all that does is give me more mega pixels of my bad pictures. Therefore, I really love Picasa. It has all sorts of handy buttons to try to make your photos better, and the all-important "undo" button for when you actually make them worse. It helps me organize all the photos on my computer so they're in one place, and even has a face recognition tool so that if I want to find shots of a particular person I don't have to do any sorting. In short, there's lots of great tools that Picasa offers, and I learned how to use them pretty quickly, so the learning curve isn't very steep at all.

As a future teacher, I look forward to including a lot of visual stimulation in my lessons. That includes pictures that I can import, organize and then turn into a slide show on Picasa. Also, using Web Albums I can store those pictures on the internet so that I can access them from any computer. And because the program is so easy to use, I can have my students do their own photo editing projects using it.

On the group project, I helped contribute reflections about how to use Picasa in the classroom, donated pictures to our incredible Web Album, laid out the very aesthetically pleasing Google Doc, and turned the address for our Web Album into a Tiny URL.

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  1. Thanks for the thorough overview. Am looking forward to your groups presentation